Welcome to the secure Client Portal

You can now access the new Canaccord client portal that will provide you with continued access to your accounts.

This portal is still available to access historical data and reports for periods prior to 10th April, but please note that you will now see a nil value, as your portfolio information has been transferred to the new portal.

The new portal can be accessed via the following link if you have your initial one-time password: https://investmentclients.canaccordgenuity.com . If you have not received a one-time password (sent by email on either 4th or 26th April), please contact our online support team who can arrange access on 0330 390 0850, or email us at cgwmonline@canaccord.com

Please note if you are a professional provider i.e Bond or SIPP provider please contact psw.portal.services@canaccord.com

Thank you for trusting us with your investments; we look forward to strengthening our relationship with you over the months and years ahead.


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